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Email Congress About The ICAN ACT!

Posted about 1 month ago by Allison Sempsrott

When ANA introduced the ICAN Act last year, we heard from nurses across the country about how impactful this legislation would be for their ability to provide timely, quality care to their patients. The ICAN Act promotes patient access to health care services delivered by the provider of their choice by removing outdated Medicare and Medicaid barriers on Advanced Practiced Registered Nurses (APRNs). This is a common-sense bill that will streamline care for APRNs across the country.

Read more about the bill and take action here>>>

While we heard many stories that highlighted the importance of this bill, one story out of Nevada really stuck with us that we wanted to share:

Denise* a rural Nurse Practitioner (NP), plays a key role in her community providing care in her small town so that people do not have to drive long distances to find a provider.

One of Denise’s patients needed diabetic shoes to help manage his condition. Unfortunately, Denise and other NPs, cannot prescribe diabetic shoes to their Medicare and Medicaid patients despite managing many other aspects of care. While Denise referred her patient to a physician who could prescribe diabetic shoes, and then refer them to a podiatrist, these new providers were unfamiliar to the patient and were additional, unnecessary barriers to care. 

As we know, with some patients it can be a choice between gas and groceries, so adding another layer of referrals is often a significant barrier to care. For Denise’s patient, this was unfortunately the case. He was unable to see the physician, and without the shoes, his condition deteriorated. Ultimately, he was forced to have his foot amputated.

The domino effect on the patient’s health was profound. Due to the amputation of his foot, he became suicidal and required mental health attention and a stay in a hospital far from his hometown. All of this, because Denise could not prescribe her patient shoes that he needed due to his condition. NPs are capable of providing holistic, quality care to their patients, but administrative barriers, such as this one, illustrate the need for the ICAN Act.

Help people like Denise and her patient by emailing Congress>>>

While this story is about an NP, Nurse Midwives, Clinical Nurse Specialists, and Nurse Anesthetists have all encountered antiquated barriers to care that can be rectified by passing the ICAN Act.

We have just reintroduced the ICAN Act in the 118th Congress, and now we need your help! Can you spare 1 minute to email your Representative about the importance of the ICAN Act?

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Thank you for your advocacy!

Molly McTaggart

Policy & Government Affairs Assistant

American Nurses Association