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Federal Student Loan Program Laurel Road Webinar

Posted 5 months ago

The end of 2022 will see considerable critical changes to the Federal student loan program.  Do you have Student Loan debt?  With these significant changes on the horizon, ANA wants ALL nurses to be prepared to handle these many changes and secure their financial future.

ANA and our benefits partner Laurel Road have developed a free, on-demand webinar that shares best practices for managing your student debt, understanding your repayment options, and answers questions around debt management strategies and student loan forgiveness options.

Register today and watch it now to understand all your options and get on the path to financial peace of mind in 2023. This critical educational webinar is customized for nurses and is completely free for both ANA members and non-members.  


Learn more about Laurel Road student loan refinancing and the 0.25% interest rate discount or the $300 cash bonus available to ANA members.