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Posted about 2 months ago

TNA received this email message from a member this morning. Be safe, everyone!

Good Morning Colleagues,

I received a call this morning from a "John Davis" with a foreign accent to our work front desk number. The caller ID said, "Board of Nursing," with their correct phone number as 615-532-5116. He was connected to me, and I hopped on the phone thinking it was someone possibly asking about this HB 1045 issue and its' passing through the committee yesterday. The man proceeded to tell me there was an investigation against my license from the Board of Nursing and if I knew anything about it. I said that "I would have been notified via certified mail and that I happen to work closely with the board of nursing, and I feel this was a scam." He immediately hung up on me, which I took as a confirmation that I was correct.

I called the Board of Nursing, and they stated they had received several calls reporting the same man. This appears to be one man using the name of John Davis. He has a foreign accent but speaks excellent English. The Board says NOT to give any requested information and to hang up on him immediately. Please call the Board to report the call and any relevant information. NEVER provide any money or information over the phone. The Board of Nursing said they will always mail or email you notifications and would only call if they had a clarification question on a license application.

Please pass this information on to any LPN, RN, APRN you know!